Get an unparalleled car wash experience


Choose a rain/snow protection cover


Efficient and brand-new equipment


Immaculate detailing services


A Car Wash by Professionals

At our facility, you are guaranteed the best car wash and detailing experience. This is because we take pride in what we do. We use the best brand-new equipment and ingredients to deliver the best results.

You can also select among our several unlimited car wash packages to get the best savings. When you enter Riverdale, be assured of a great experience and instant results.

With years of hands-on expertise, we bring a wealth of experience to ensure top-notch results for you.


Services We Provide

Car Wash

We clean your car both inside and out, to give it the shine and a feeling of freshness.

Car Detailing

Our experts are ready to restore the beauty of your car with efficient and intricate detailing.

Car Wax

Give your car a coating of wax to restore its shine and protect its surface from dust and dirt.

How it Works?


When you enter our facility, you will be offered a range of services to choose from. For members, we will pick the right service for you.

The Session

After checking in your car at our facility, we start to work on it. We aim to make the entire process as fast and comprehensive as possible.


Once we have completed the work, we make the car ready for delivery. You can inspect your vehicle to ensure your satisfaction, before you drive away.

What Makes Us Unique

Our staff. We take pride in hiring the best professionals and keeping them happy with a healthy work environment and a great work culture. In turn our employees ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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